Friday, August 9, 2013

Death Wave

Science, technology, the world knows what you wish us to say,
Technology is the future, the deity of our worship and pray.
You wish and deserve praise right now,
Sorry, but you have only focused on the 'How?'
Pray, ask yourself 'What If's and 'If's,
You run along, pray do notice the cliffs,
The world has long heard, good and evil are the sides of the same coin, and if true,
Learn that you may have evil too.
This world is hung on a fragile thread,
Do play with it, if you wish to be dead.
Listen do listen! The death wave is bound to strike,
It's the sheer fall, after the hike.
Tell, if you are to continue in the same way,
Then we'd be sure to die now, then to stay.
We are cowards, we can't bear to see our own world fall,
When we ourselves, chose its fall.