Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like A Sapling

I said as a seed, why am I so minute,
I try and try, till I display my shoot,
I wish not to boast, but my little figure has a mind of its own,
As I grow into a sapling, Hoping to be fully grown.
Like the little buds that unfurl,
And every emerging leaf from a curl.
I wish to spread out, Touch others' hearts,
I wish to grow, like plant parts,
And with full glamour, I show my first bud,
The first fruit of my toil and blood.
Then those delicate petals unwrap,
Like a bow atop a gift, a feather in its cap,
A beauty to behold, of splendor and pride,
But soon, withdraws the tide.
And till next time, I wait again,
For though the tide falls, later it gains,
With every branch, every leaf,
I feel a new something growing in me.
I started as a proud seed,
and ended as  humble tree that shall unknowingly lead,
I wish my future, like a tree,
My life noble and respected and free.