Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Article: Gods; just a literary device called personification

Religion is a faith which embeds us into a belief of the supernatural and other-worldly stuff. All who consider themselves atheists forget, or perhaps neglect acknowledging what gods truly are. They are not a few beings with extraordinary traits, nor are asuras pure evil. They are, perhaps, only personifications. To make this clear, think of Saraswati Mata. Is she not a personification of knowledge? Does not her every quality describe knowledge, nay wisdom? Is not Lakshmi wealth? Are not the demon's daughters personified temptations? Are not the devils themselves representing evils like pride, and vanity, and destruction, and turmoil? Indeed, most of these deities we worship are just virtues which the ancient sages indirectly conveyed. Now, perhaps, we can really consider that worshipping God is not staying day in and day out in the puja room, rather following the traits and the virtues they represent. The gods of worship are really men and women, the only difference between them and us is that they're idols of singular, or multiple good qualities. It is not the disbelievers of God which are atheists, the ones that believe, yet lack the merits qualify to be atheists.