Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dirty(?) Delhi Politics

'The funny side of this,
I frankly speak to you,  Miss,
Is us, ourselves, and most importantly I,
I tell you, really ( with a sigh),
'Tis I who's gone astray,
Not he, or she, or they, 
My sole motive, I've forgotten,
My choice, if seen from the past, is rotten,
My hands I've shaken with those,
Those enemies, who'll now be close.'
His foes now his friends,
It seems he's following some new, cool trends,
The little state he fought for,
Cannot be now a pretty place from folk-lore,
'Sir, you've made a tough decision, time'll its fate,
Whether stomach aches shall be got by this old meat you ate.'

( All about AAP leader )