Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Done And Undone: The Dummy's Guide To Write A Poem

Step 1: take a paper and pen,
Step 2: choose a quiet place, and then,
Step 3: calm yourself as much as you can,
Step 4: focus on your topic, man!
Step 5: jot down the things you think,
Step 6: this isn't the time to shrink!
Step 7: you may or may not have a rhyme scheme,
Step 8: please stick to the theme!
Step 9: give it time to sink in, have a warm feeling,
Step 10: check whether it might need some healing.
Step 11: there you go, you've got a poem,
Step 12: and now an amateur poet, you've become.
Step 13: frustrated with the nonsense? You may do this then,
Step 14: crumple up the page,throw the pen!