Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Together Again

Remember the day,
When we travelled in metaphors?
Others were speechless,
We were not.
We babbled stupidly for them, 
But we knew the truth inside.
Understanding, we call it now,
But for us it was a magical power,
Through which we read each others' meanings.
We were kids with childish thoughts,
And expressed ourselves irrationally,
But, our expressions weren't false,
They were simply metaphors,
Only we knew the truth inside.
Lets travel back in Time,
Lets travel through the metaphors again,
We'll unravel the truths again,
But this time, we'll do it together.

Monday, March 3, 2014

This Can't Be Goodbye

I walked the dusty road that led to the cottage,
It seemed like a decade had passed since I'd seen the place,
Yet truly it was but yesterday.
Still, yesterday seemed so distant,
And I tell of it, before my hazy gaze,
Shall fall when I last met him.
Near dusk, a trudging traveller,
Had come home at last to a cheery fire.
She had come to visit her grandpapa,
Who she'd longed to see many times before.
And there at dusk he sat with pipe in hand,
A soft whistle, a welcome sign was all that was heard.
He got up when she drew into sight, though he had grown feeble,
He hobbled on his feet with difficulty,
To meet the child he'd longed to see.
He knew he was not to live, life was counting its last days,
But love, dear love! Was what brought him to his feet,
And sent him blundering forth.
She caught his hand, held it firm,
And gave a cheery smile,
How dear he was! How could she ever say goodbye?

He trembled as they sat together
and talked into the growing dark.
She was light in his humble dwellings,
She was a breath of fresh air.
She talked with determination and hope,
And she thought a lot more,
So dear was her sweet grandfather,
She'd stay by his side forevermore.
Was fate playing a petty trick, or was it some noble blessing,
That his soul shall finally rest,
Amidst the trembling and quivering.
And now, Farewell! Oh Dearest soul!
Rest in Peace, you deserve it!
Bless you for your kindness,
You have left me forever indebted.
Take care, take care, in the angelic world you dreamt of,
Be happy as you always were.
Grandfather, this farewell, is all
You'll remain in hearts, so I shan't say Goodbye, after all.