Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mathematical conversation

A cyclic quadrilateral and I,
Fell in deep conversation, my, my!
I think the quadrilateral had
An ego, which totally drove her mad.
She was too fuzzy over everything,
Shan't talk till she doesn't hear me sing.
Of course, I obliged, though with a punch,
And the prelude to the song was a delightful crunch.
She was fortunately 2 dimensional,
So no bumps or soreness made it consequential.
Anyways, she declared later that she can't live without
( She was adamant on being clear and loud )
Two opposite angles of hers,
Forming linear pairs.
And when I just happened to mention parallelogram, God protect me,
She nearly bit my silly head off me!
No, she shan't bear no quadrilaterals of that name,
And for shame,
For dear rectangle carried the same surname,
And as he was cyclic, she basked in his fame.
With that, I left, rather abruptly,
For I never did anything subtly,
And she was still mumbling about dear rectangle,
When I squeezed out of the tangle,
Of a most idiotic conversation
( A truly dreadful situation)
Between me and a cyclic quadrilateral madam,
Half of whose meanings I just couldn't fathom.