Thursday, November 27, 2014


From the outside, it's rather drab and dull
Like a cold winter morning in the dead of December.
Nothing in the building's appearance suggests frivolity,
And the most that can be said is that those within live sensibly.
Yet, within the walls, is something different.
Even though the neatness of the ground carries within,
And the curtains are pristine and white,
And the floors well swept,
The place carries an air of well loved use,
An air of fun and delight and friendship.
The kids who've made this place their home,
Live with those who they love most,
Are together with the best of friends,
And this small orphanage with dull and dreary walls,
Houses the kindest spirits, the liveliest souls,
And shelters the most precious jewels of life-children.
The people that live within, the house itself is a gem.
And all those children are stars on earth, which is why
Whenever anybody mentions the drab and dull building, I think,
My god, it's full of stars!