Friday, November 1, 2013

One Sad Diwali..

I woke up today, to find,
Another day had been left behind.
Lo and behold, today was no mere day,
Today was the festival of lights, or so to say.
A sudden flash of excitement went through me,
A sort of fitful glee.
I was to see my father again,
And I was full of joy, for the same.
I jumped out of bed, rather sprang up,
And saw on the table, an expectant milk cup.
With one gulp, I drank it whole,
Though I detest it, body and soul.
Then off I rushed to bathe and dress,
And soon emerged tidy, after the earlier mess.
To help her out, I went to mum,
And found that she did need some.
Heaps of sweets, to be made today,
Before the upcoming fun and play.
Laddoos by the dozen, good God!
And barfis too, oh lord!
Rather free by noon,
I set myself soon,
In finding and cleaning the diyas and lamps,
Kept under the album filled with stamps.
I loitered around till puja time,
Knowing that papa will be home by the 10 o'clock chime.
We continued the puja itself,
Praying to Lakshmi, who ornamented a high shelf.
Then to and fro, and here and there,
Now there, now here,
We ran about with candles in hand,
Lighting the walls that otherwise stood bland.
'Crackers now!' my brother shrieked,
As the moon creeped
Up, to bask in the town's light,
Light that shone bright in the night.
Sparkles and explosions followed next,
Which each child enjoys best.
A spell that enchanted brother and sister alike,
Pure bliss before a shocking strike.
Baba called us in, the T.V. chattering on,
Gosh! something had gone terribly wrong.
A bus had fallen into a river,
I involuntarily shivered.
With papa first in mind, I paid rapid attention,
Each confirmed guess increased my tension.
Was it papa's bus, I thought with fear, anxiety and worry,
Though I thought too that I made conclusions in a hurry.
But that nod from grandpa,
The sad expression on grandma,
God, oh God! Could it be?
Have I truly lost a part of me?
Father, dear father,
Why did you move farther?
Diwali meant happiness, so you'd say,
Then why choose to leave this very day?
I got no chance to say goodbye,
Sorrow drove as his promise of his return turned to a lie,
I miss him, I always will.
Darn it, Life's not all uphill.
Diwali or not, it wasn't just another day,
They said today, evil was at bay,
But what else, other than evil, can I call,
A day that stole my father, once and for all.