Tuesday, October 29, 2013


When and where?
How and why?
Now and here,
Hear the cry.
Why, just why?
Why the cry?
Oh there she lies,
Cold inside.
They came at their leisure,
For only their pleasure,
She fell a victim,
To them, to him.
One, she knew,
Thought to be good and true,
All was a lie,
She thought with a sigh.
And there she lies,
Cold inside.
Horror flashed again,
And so did her pain,
She was alone, then why,
Did she find herself cry?
Horror, oh horror, oh horror,
Or to be called terror?
But then, what to do now?
So she lied low.
And there she lies.
Cold inside,
For someone to find and know.

( impacts on my mind after the Nirbhaya case)