Saturday, August 17, 2013

She Awaits

By the dim candle, she sat past midnight,
The window open, out there was her unsteady gaze, then left, now right.
The moor stretched far and wide,
To seem dark and gloomy, hard it tried.
Alas! Such a starry night as it was,
And this unsteady wait for whom she called hers,
Could turn gloom to glee,
And may all joy from this world flee,
The smiles of hers would ever be,
For 'I shall come tonight' had said he.
The night was sinking, she feared,
It seemed that dawn neared.
She sat still though, undaunted,
Agitation on the novelty she flaunted.
It crept to her that the clock struck three,
But soon forgotten, for she saw he.
With haste did she descend the stairway,
And then fast they rode in the summery night of May.
That day, she left her childhood dwellings,
Not to count thousands in her lover's shillings,
But to be with whom she vowed to love eternally,
For whom she sacrificed all that she loved dearly.
Whether she did wrong or right, Let your own self decide,
For eternally in his heart at least, she did reside.